Xbox gets night mode and more in today’s update

Xbox night mode update

Turn out the lights

Night mode has been one of my favorite visual quality-of-life updates as screens have become more and more ubiquitous, and today, Xbox owners get theirs. The October Xbox update brings night mode to its consoles, as well as some more features to make the user experience a little nicer.

The suite of settings will allow you to customize the light pouring forth from your Xbox, and even apply a blue light filter, which is great for tired eyes in the evening time. A neat little additional update also mentioned in today’s Xbox Wire post is that you can also adjust the light settings on your console’s power button, as well as the one on your controller. So if you’d like to turn out all the lights, including that glowing dot on the controller, you can do so.

Xbox Series X owners will also be able run their dashboard in natively rendered 4K now, up from its previously upscaled 4K version. According to Xbox, this should make text and icons be a little bit sharper.

Quick Settings will also let you toggle settings without leaving a game or app, so if you want to swap up accessibility or just turn out the lights, it won’t put a stop to the gaming.

The update is rolling out today for Xbox owners, after being tested out by Xbox Insiders. Maybe celebrate a bit by dimming the power button and ironically viewing the Uncharted movie trailer in the ensuing darkness.

Eric Van Allen