Xbox LIVE makes a lot of money, one billion since 2006

Xbox LIVE makes money, but how much does it actually generate? According to an Edge report, folks (this includes advertisers) have spent a total of one billion dollars on Gold subscriptions, downloadable stuff, and advertising since 2006.

Big number, right? Well, research firm In-Stat thinks that Microsoft’s service will be able to generate one billion dollars annually by 2013. The firm also believes Nintendo and Sony will be able to generate quite a bit of money, too. According to their Thursday report all three platforms are “positioned to generate hundreds of millions of dollars in annual online game revenue.”

I can’t even fathom what one billion dollars looks like, but I just realized how much money I’ve spent on Xbox LIVE and PlayStation Network. Did I really need that Cuboid theme or horse armor? I bet I’ve put well over a hundred bucks in manufacturer’s pockets from downloads that I didn’t mess with or use more than once. How about you guys?

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