Xbox Live deals ‘not possible’ in Europe

Yesterday we discussed the Black Friday deals planned for the Xbox Live Marketplace. In case you did not notice, these Thanksgiving deals are US-only, just like most good stuff. According to Microsoft’s Major Nelson, however, extending these discounts to other regions just isn’t possible. Why? Uh … issues … that’s why.

“I gave the feedback about having this available for other regions,” explains Nelson. “but due to a lot of issues it was not possible. :(”

Yes, that’s incredibly informative and completely explains why Europe and other territories are getting the shaft. Let’s face it, the only “issue” here is that Microsoft likes charging extra money for its fake currency in non-US regions, and doesn’t want all that nickel n’ diming to go to waste.

Now tell me, Microsoft, why should a European gamer pay 800 points for Rez when he knows damn well that others are getting it for 500? Please remember the Internet is global, and people find out about this stuff roughly three seconds before it’s announced. Bullsh*t of this nature kind of upsets people.

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