Xbox isn’t revealing anything at The Game Awards 2014

Sometimes no news is news

There are a few dates every year that we can bank on new videogames being revealed. The first couple days of E3 are the best for this. However, in recent years, the annual December videogames awards show has proven to hold its share of surprises. That won’t be the case for Microsoft this year, though.

According to a tweet from Xbox marketing head Aaron Greenberg, Microsoft doesn’t have anything in store for The Game Awards 2014. “Since many have asked, we are not planning any new game announcements (at The Game Awards). Looking forward to watching a great show, however,” he said.

With the show taking place in Las Vegas alongside the first ever PlayStation Experience convention, it seems as if Sony will truly rule the weekend. Xbox fans can hold out hope that a great looking multi-platform third party title will be announced, but it seems as though nothing exclusive is in the pipeline for The Game Awards.

@aarongreenberg [Twitter]

Brett Makedonski
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