Xbox is gearing up for an imminent Ultimate Game Sale

So maybe you shouldn’t buy anything now

Do you have your eyes set on a particular Xbox game right now, and the digital storefront keeps calling your name and begging you to hit the download button? It might be best to resist temptation a little longer, because there’s a chance you’ll find it on sale next week.

Xbox is throwing another of its Ultimate Game Sales next week, and those typically have the best digital savings of any of the platform-holder’s discount events. The trailer that was released this morning states that more than 70 games will be on sale, including the likes of Mortal Kombat X and Dragon Age: Inquisition

All the savings start on July 7 — next Tuesday — and go through July 13. The typical format is a list of sales that run the entire event, with separate day-specific discounts. That means you have to check in every day, which is a small price to pay for smaller prices to pay.

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