Microsoft announces new Xbox Aqua Shift controller with rubberized side grips

A “unique dual color swirl” will appear on every unit

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Microsoft has revealed a new special edition Xbox wireless controller, dubbed the Aqua Shift. And beyond just being shiny and blue, it will have some special grips included too.

The Aqua Shift controller is a prismatic, colorful controller that will feature a color-shifting blue shimmer on the controller. It seems to shift colors and hues depending on how the light is hitting it, so it’ll probably make for a good show-off controller. You know, the one that player one gets, while player four gets the basic one.

Another key feature of the Aqua Shift controller is the rubberized side grips. It’s the first Special Edition Xbox Series X|S controller to feature rubberized grips, and according to Microsoft, they’ll have a “unique dual color swirl on every unit.” Each one will be like your own personal controller, even if you’re not chiseling a name into it like you can do with the Xbox Design Lab.

As a colorful, fancy flex on your friends, the Aqua Shift seems like a pretty good way to show up to the Halo LAN in style. I’m a little more interested in the grips, though. The grip apparently made a big difference with the Xbox Elite controllers in the past, and adding both a little bit of steadiness and comfort to the long-day play sessions sounds pretty nice.

If you’re looking to pick up the Aqua Shift controller, it’ll run $69.99, and it’s available for pre-order now in select markets worldwide.

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