Xbox 360 version of Godfather looks, eh, boxy

Quick. Only one of these two screens is showing the next-generation version of the Godfather. Can you tell the difference between the new-and-improved version and the old one? The answer and more jaggy edges are after the jump (don’t google, you naughty boy!). gf-01gf-02When I happened upon these new Godfather screenshots I thought that EA made a mistake. Could they have accidentally posted last generation’s Xbox images instead? Sadly, this is not the case. With all due respect, they have to work on this game, ’cause there don’t seem to be any graphical differences from the Xbox version. gf-05gf-04gf-03P.S.: Sadly, the the first screen is from the Xbox 360. As you can see, the game sorely lacks anti-aliasing and depth of field blur, is littered with assets whose visual quality has not improved since the first version, and otherwise does not live up to any next-generation expectations. We expect this sort of thing from small publishers and newcomers. But from EA? They’re trying to pull a fast one. Needless to say, I’m sure that anyone that does their homework on this before purchasing will say the same thing: “Not impressed, make it right or don’t make it.”