Xbox 360 tops six million in Europe following price cut

Microsoft’s worldwide string of price cuts has done nothing but good things for the Xbox 360 lately. Fresh off the back of actually beating the Wii in Japan, Microsoft is pleased to report that it has topped six million sales in Europe.

The last time Sony talked about its European sales, it claimed that five million units had shifted. If Sony hasn’t made another million since then, MS will have retaken the Euro market. 

The ‘Soft claims that the price cut will work together with mainstream-hopeful titles like Scene It? and Lips to “set the stage for a record-breaking holiday season” in the PAL territory, something that MS hopes to get going with a big Euro-wide ad campaign.

“We’re supporting this momentum by putting launch-level investment into a European advertising campaign, launching this week, which shows how Xbox 360 is changing the way consumers experience entertainment,” beams Chris Lewis, Microsoft VP of Interactive Entertainment Business, EMEA.

There is a joke to be made with changing the way users experience entertainment and the Xbox 360 breaking all the time, but I leave the tools in your hands, dear readers.

James Stephanie Sterling