Xbox 360 Slim sees ‘amazing demand’ in Europe

It’s amazing how all it takes is a bit of an aesthetic redesign to make more people buy (or even re-buy) your product, and Microsoft seems to have scored with the slim Xbox 360 (or Xbox 360 S as it’s apparently called). According to UK retailer GAME, the system has seen an “amazing demand” since launching in Europe today.

“At midnight, over 400 GAME and Gamestation stores opened across the UK to allow our customers to get their hands on the new Xbox 360.” says PR chief Neil Ashurst. “There has been amazing demand for the new version of this ever-popular console.”

It’s certainly a slink bit of kit as I discovered when one turned up on my doorstep for no good reason, but I don’t know if I’d spend the money on it while already owning an older model. Still, it’s your money and not mine, so spend away if that’s what you want to do!

Xbox 360 S enjoys ‘amazing demand’ [CVG]

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