Xbox 360 outselling Wii in UK by two to one

The Wii has a reputation for being a sales powerhouse, but according to the latest data, it would seem that at least in Britain, it’s the Xbox 360 that’s become the breadwinning console. The Annual General Meeting of The GAME Group has released sales data that shows the 360 outselling the Wii at a ratio of two to one.

The data, which covers all UK retailers, shows that from February to June this year, the Wii sold 300,000 units while the Xbox 360 was able to shift 600,000. The Wii is, of course, still ahead in total lifetime sales, but this represents one of three things: Either people are getting bored of the Wii craze, everybody in the UK who wants one already has one, or consumers are just buying a brand new Xbox 360 every time their one red rings. 

Wii Sports Resort is out very soon, so we’ll have to see what this does to the sales data. Still, I’m sure Microsoft is quite happy with this data in the meantime, and will ignore all subsequent statistics to the contrary.

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