Xbox 360 disc-scratch lawsuit appeal referred to Supreme Court

Just 0.4% of 360 owners had issues

The Supreme Court will decide if Microsoft has a case to answer in regards to a class-action lawsuit that maintains Xbox 360 consoles were scratching discs as the result of a design defect.

If this sounds familiar, it is – this is a case that’s been rolling on for some time. But the Court has now agreed to hear Microsoft’s appeal.

The case was initially dismissed in 2012 after Microsoft maintained that as just 0.4% of the 80 million Xbox 360 console owners complained about disc scratching, there were not enough complaints to justify the class-action suit. That decision has since been reversed on appeal.

What do you think? Is disc-scratching a consequence of consumer misuse, or do you think Microsoft has a case to answer? 

High Court Will Hear Microsoft Appeal over Xbox Lawsuit [AP]

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