Xbox 360 Arcade storage to double in new hardware revision

Kotaku chased a rumor from the XboxHacker forums about a possible hardware revision to the Xbox 360 Arcade, checking with Microsoft for the official word on what is being called the “Jasper” unit. Microsoft ‘fessed up:

We are doubling the size of the internal memory of the Xbox 360 Arcade from 256 MB to 512 MB … We want to offer consumers a bit more memory at the same low price so they can enjoy more experiences on Xbox LIVE.

Memory is getting cheaper, so it’s nice to see Microsoft giving buyers of this unit a bit more for their money. But then again, I’ve recently purchased an 8 GB memory stick for $15. Maybe they could squeeze a bit more in. Oh well. We’ll take it.

As far as the official date and packaging, there’s no word yet. But if you’re looking to get an Arcade, you might want to hold off for a bit. 

Dale North