X10: A closer look at Alan Wake Limited Edition, box art

So you know when Alan Wake hit store shelves — May 19. You know what’s inside the Limited Edition box, too. But when you go to the store, what should you be looking for? 

This stuff, apparently. Microsoft and Remedy have released more detailed images of the game’s Limited Edition, which (as advertised) ships in a box that looks like a hardcover novel. It also comes with three discs — the game, a bonus disc, and the soundtrack. If you ask me, that’s just more stuff that can get scratched up.

We also get a look at the game’s final box art, which is about as understated as you can get. While I’m getting pretty pumped about the game, I’m not sure how I feel about the packaging. What do you guys think? Hoping there’s something a little bit more interesting on the flip-side of the box art sleeve?

Nick Chester