WWE wrestler calls for more violence in games

Former WWE World Champion Randy Orton has called for more violence in games, backing up the industry and deriding its scaremongers.

“Violence sells. I want to see more violence in games – the more blood the better,” declared the self-styled Legend Killer. Orton feels that videogames are the least of parents’ worries, especially since most of them don’t know that their kids watch South Park.

Orton also compared games to movies, stating:”The violence [in Goodfellas] is against human beings. There’s rape in movies – you see all kinds of f***ed up s*** on film.” He believes GTA to be “like a cartoon” in comparison to some of the stuff that you see committed to celluloid. Throwing in some anecdotal evidence, he argues that playing Mortal Kombat as a child, then pretending to hit people as an adult, has done him no harm.

Professional wrestling has to deal with its own critics in the press. The hysteria following the Chris Benoit incident led to news outlets assassinating the profession, and WWE has had its fair shame of blame for the corruption of America’s youth. Orton is righteous in his ways, even if he does look like a sex criminal.

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