WWE All-Stars keeps it ‘classy’

With longtime Midway designer Sal Divita on board producing THQ’s WWE All-Stars, you know the game’s going to have that classic arcade flair.

But remember, Divita also played a role in bringing Mortal Kombat to life (the guy played Nightwolf, among others). So WWE All-Stars is as much an over-the-top fighting game as it is a homage to the legendary brawlers of sports entertainment past and present.

In this latest, THQ focuses on that fighting, and what sets the game’s competitors and their character classes apart. From the quick and agile Acrobat to the slow but powerful Big Man, or the technical Grappler to the  Brawlers just looking for a classic slobberknocker, WWE All-Stars has them all.

The game is out March 29, and lets you bounce someone off the ring and into the with a body slam, and then quickly grab them for a power slam. Sold.

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