Wreckreation is a new arcade racing game from some genre veterans


The Three Fields team looks to put all the mayhem under your control

A new arcade racer tore onto the scene today, with some notable talent behind it and an intriguing focus on over-the-top action. Wreckreation is a new racing game from Three Fields Entertainment, aiming to bring more sandbox racing to PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Three Fields, founded by former Criterion Games co-founders Fiona Sperry and Alex Ward, is turning its attention to creation with Wreckreation. Having put together games like 2019’s Dangerous Driving, Wreckreation looks like the team is moving into the course-building arena. While still having a good helping of Burnout action, of course.

Wreckreation is designed to be an open-world, sandbox experience. Friends will be able to make courses and race each other, challenging their designs in online co-op. It’s very Trackmania, which is rad. But of course, there’s an added element of sheer destruction and chaos. You have to put the “wreck” in Wreckreation.

Life a quarter-mile at a time

Just the sheer scale and complexity of the tracks shown in today’s trailer, which premiered at the THQ Nordic showcase, is impressive. I even dig all the scaffolding and construction, giving these massive and chaotic courses a real sense of scale. Running down the features list, there are tons of ways to customize everything. The world and cars, the music, the modes, and more are all up for remixing.

Really, I’m down for any game where cars can ram into each other and go off halfpipes. And seeing it’s being made by some folks with a background in making automobiles do wild and crazy things? All the better.

With a litany of customization options and plenty of ways to make tracks that seemingly defy physics, I could see myself losing a few hours just messing around in the course creator.

No date’s been set yet for this new arcade racer. Wreckreation is aiming to send tires flying on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox sometime in the future.

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