World of Warcraft’s first raid is out today, here’s a schedule of when it’ll gradually open up for everyone

Looking for LFR times

As promised, Blizzard is debuting the first raid for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth today: Uldir. It deals with the Old Gods and the confrontation with G’huun, the blood god, which is happening amid the actual Horde and Alliance conflict.

Okay so Uldir is completely ready to go for the more casual Looking For Raid (LFR) difficulty right? Well, wrong. Blizzard is rolling out Uldir in waves (wings, rather) for LFR, the first of which is live on September 11. After that the second wing is out on September 25, with the entire raid becoming available on October 9. Mythic difficulty is set for next week.

To clarify a bit, Blizzard added an LFR difficulty some time ago to their typical raid formula (normal, heroic, mythic) to allow basically everyone to hop in and enjoy the content without a group. You just queue up, hop in, and play an easy version of the encounters for fun with reduced rewards.

Warfronts, the new Warcraft RTS-inspired co-op mode, is also live today.

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