World of Goo preorder gives the gift of profanity (along with other cool stuff)

You know what’s great about indie games, aside from the fact that they tend to stick out from the pack and force you to see the gaming world in a new light? Cursing. Yeah, you heard me right. I say this because World of Goo is finally out for preorder, and by doing so you get the “profanity pack”, which replaces voices in the game with random naughty words. Am I merely perverse or should there be a profanity upgrade for everything? You set the bar high, World of Goo!

Of course, preordering also gets you a preview of chapter one for PC, which is already garnering rave reviews for its addictiveness. Penny Arcade in particular had some choice things to say, which no doubt helped the preorders along quite a bit. I would imagine 2D Boy appreciates that! The full game launches in a week for PC and Wii, while Mac and Linux users will have to wait just a tad longer before they can get their goo on.

Oh yeah, did I mention that World of Goo won for Technical Excellence and Design Innovation during GDC’s IDF awards this year? Buy this and support indie deliciousness. Buy it now.

[Via Ars Technica – thanks, Justin]

Colette Bennett