Wolfenstein: The New Order is free and it holds up

Wolfenstein: The New Order free on Epic Games Store

Grab it from the Epic Games Store by June 9

Oh hey, Wolfenstein: The New Order is free. It’s up for grabs on the Epic Games Store this week, and you’ve got until Thursday, June 9 to claim this (worth playing!) PC game.

It’s something that many of us have already played by now thanks to years and years of deals, but I’m sure some of you reading this haven’t tried it yet, and I’d nudge you in that direction. I’m trying to put myself back in that 2014 headspace right now.

I remember being surprised by how much I enjoyed the story — though, at the time, I was admittedly coming in for the FPS action, not necessarily the narrative. You can’t help but root for B.J. Blazkowicz every step of the way, and Wolfenstein: The New Order feels really personal. You’re out to brutalize every Nazi you see, naturally, but there are hard-hitting themes and genuine character moments in the mix, too. MachineGames swung for the fences, and it paid off; The New Order showed up in Game of the Year discussions.

With that said, even if you lack a soft spot for the Wolfenstein series (or have no personal history with it whatsoever), you can absolutely have a good time with this game.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus was an increasingly out-there sequel, and not all of its zanier moments landed, but I still mostly dug the game and would be super on board for a (hopefully more well-rounded) Wolfenstein III. Yes, Indiana Jones is cool too. But come on!

Next week’s free game is a mystery

Fans will be playing the waiting game for a while, it seems. At least next week, the Epic Games Store will be back with another free mystery game on Thursday, June 9.

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