Modder remakes Wolfenstein 3D in Doom 2’s engine

Rip and tear, until it is…mein leben?

The opening level of Wolfenstein 3D reconstructed in Doom 2.

Ever the versatile games, the first two Doom entries are staples of the dedicated mod community. With the original being crossed over with Doctor Who, it seems mixing franchises is not off the table for the plucky FPS. That also includes other titles from id Software.

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Coming from ModDB user DASniperIC, their recent Doom 2 mod is a recreation of 1992’s Wolfenstein 3D. Using the former’s engine, they’ve been able to do a faithful reconstruction of the latter. While it doesn’t look much different given that they’re both retro shooters from a bygone era, you can tell it’s Doom because of the UI at the bottom.

Wolfenstein 3D: a recreation of the game in Doom 2 showing the player shooting a soldier.
Image via DASniperIC/ModDB.

It doesn’t appear as though this is a full remake of Wolfenstein, though. In the description, DASniperIC says the following:

The maps [sic] layout is basically exactly the same as in Wolfenstein 3D, there is a working chaingun and treasure, 3 bosses and some DEHACKED sillies to better mirror Wolf3D. And a surprise for MAP33 🙂

Guten Tag, Doomguy

Given that it says there are three bosses, it’s likely that this isn’t a full recreation of Wolfenstein 3D. The original game has six bosses, so it’s possible that this mod represents maybe half the game. The mention of something special on level 33 also suggests this. I haven’t had a chance to play it yet, so I can’t confirm that.

It never gets tiring seeing all the interesting modifications that are coming out for these absolute classic FPS games. While there could be a Wolfenstein 3 currently in development, there are evidently more than enough people keeping the old-school games alive and well, decades after their original release dates.

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