With art like that, I don’t even care what Child of Cooper is about

Last night I had the strangest dream

I don’t know what to make of Child of Cooper, an upcoming PC game out of Shelter developer Might and Delight, and that’s exciting. It’s pitched as a “visual narrative that challenges aspects of normative video game storytelling” with a tale that moves ahead with or without you. The story is told through the lens of a child’s memory, which should open up some neat possibilities.

“Nothing will be given to you at any point and even how to maneuver the game will be left for the player (the explorer) to discover,” said the developer during today’s announcement. “In the teaser we also show a first glimpse of the project’s art style. A surrealistic, almost threatening style that highlights certain objects that the child remembers clearly while others are impossible to make out. Making sense of what you see in Child of Cooper is a big part of the experience.”

The studio is a few months into production and pledges to share an image a day until launch later this year. The Steam page, linked above, has hints about the setting. Cool smoke visuals.

Jordan Devore
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