Witcher series hits new milestone with 25 million sold

That’s a lot of witchin’

We knew The Witcher series is a bonafide hit (especially Wild Hunt), but thanks to a new financial report from developer CD Projekt Red we know just how big the franchise as a whole really is.

As of this week they’ve noted that it’s sold 25 million copies across all three games, a number that doesn’t even include the upcoming Gwent spinoff or their board game project. Sales for Witcher 3 made them one billion Polish Zloty (roughly $250 million USD), so they have quite a bit in the bank.

It’s still amazing to me that they made this big of a turnaround, going from a bullish indie studio to a beloved AAA force to be reckoned with. While the company is now hailed as a paragon of how you should treat customers (they’ve said in recent years that they don’t care about piracy, and that if you make a good game people will buy it), once upon a time it literally tracked down pirates and sent them letters requesting compensation — taking an extreme anti-piracy stance that very few publishers did at the time.

It was a learning experience that they even said was a mistake, but like many other stubborn AAA studios they could have just told their audience to fuck off. They didn’t, and it paid off.

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Chris Carter
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