Witcher 3 bug kills Xbox saves, console patch not ready this week

Watch out for save bug on Xbox One

While reception towards the usefulness of The Witcher 3‘s day-one update on Xbox One was mixed, the general stability patch CD Projekt RED is working on would be welcomed all around. Especially on the Xbox One, where people are losing the ability to save after hours of playtime. A bit more dire than addressing the stuttering issues and framerate drop, as the patch is meant to do.

Community Lead Marcin Momot said on Twitter the patch, which PC users already received, would not be coming to the consoles this week. The team is also aware of the Xbox One save loss and, “hope to put the fix in a patch as soon as possible,” though I don’t know if it’ll be bundled into the incoming stability patch.

CD Projekt RED is also working on a colorblind mode and hiring, as it were. Hmm, usually studios ship big games and then fire everyone.

Steven Hansen