Witchbrook finally listed on Steam, gets new screenshots

Witchbrook new screenshot

All it took was a little faith and some pixie dust

As both a diehard Stardew Valley and Harry Potter fan, Witchbrook has been my most anticipated game for years now. While it was officially announced back in 2020, whispers of Witchbrook have been circulating since as early as 2017, so the wait has been long for this one. Although the game isn’t even out yet, there’s a whole subreddit dedicated to tracking any and all news that updates the fans on where Witchbrook is in development, and just when it might be coming out.

It was looking pretty bleak on there for a while without any official updates from developer and publisher Chucklefish for months at a time, but after fear that the game would be silently canceled so that the studio could focus on other projects, we’ve finally received some good news: Witchbrook has finally been listed on Steam.

It’s a small update, sure, but it means they’re for sure moving forward with development, so we can all breathe a sigh of relief there.

This also means that the game is available to wish list on Steam, and, my personal favorite part, we got a bunch of new screenshots from the game. It’s not the biggest deal in the world, but those of us who have been following Witchbrook for a while have been staring at the same two screenshots for years now, so this feels like a win.

The Steam page also gives us a greater glimpse into what the gameplay might be like than we’ve ever seen before. Players will partake in activities like brewing potions, having races against classmates on broomsticks, customizing their clothing and homes, photography and gardening, and one of the blurbs that there will be “post-graduate life,” which is our first hint at what might be some post-game content in Witchbrook.

I kind of keep waiting for this game to let me down, because honestly, the more I see of Witchbrook, the more excited I get about it. Adorable life simulators seem to be on the rise these days, but there’s something about a community simulator set at a magic school that I’m particularly thrilled about.

Noelle Warner
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