Winners of the Valkyria Chronicles ad contest

At first, I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the Valkyria Chronicles ad contest. I checked the post the night before flying out to Los Angeles for E3 09 and was blown away by some of the entries. Needless to say, it was silly of me to doubt the amount of win you all have.

The first place prize of the Valkyria Chronicles figurine and art book goes to to Kalafax who made this amazing two page spread. One page has info on the game and the other is a printable Valkyria Chronicles paper figure that you can actually make!

Second place prize of the figurine and art book goes to Jlanphear for his ad. Third, fourth and fifth place prizes of the art books go out to Merrymac (ad), Yagaminoue (ad) and Celedin (video ad which can be seen after the break.) Winners: check for an e-mail from me later today based on the e-mail address we have on file for you. 

Honoroble mentions go out to Happymeowmeow for his hilarious idea (which would have won the grand prize had it been fully fleshed out) and Justice. Thanks to everyone that entered!

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Hamza Aziz