Winners of the Academy of Champions haiku contest

Academy of Champions: Soccer is coming out next Tuesday and to promote the game, Ubisoft sent over four soccer balls themed after the game. The balls were also signed by soccer star Mia Hamm, making these limited edition balls even more special. In order to win one of the prizes, we wanted you to write a haiku based on videogames and soccer.

Congratulations to Gatorsax2010, Jfbguy, Dexter345 and PreacherMan89! You four have won the soccer balls! I’ll be getting in touch with you all to get your shipping addresses soon. Check out the winning haikus after the break. Honorable mentions go out to King Krunk, Kregy D, Super Drybones and ScottyG for their entries too. Thanks again to Ubisoft for the prizes!

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Some call it soccer
Others, football. It’s best when
Mega Man plays it.


Mutant League it be
I’ll rip off the balls from thee 
Hat trick you will see


Soccer or football? 
Do we ask Samit which one? 
No, Joseph Leray.


Soccer is stupid. 
Video games are better. 
That is why I’m fat.

Hamza Aziz