Win Neves Plus swag: game copies, t shirts can be yours!

Hey, it’s me again, back with more free stuff. I know you didn’t see that coming! While I choke down my sarcasm, take a look at this bucket of new swag we have to dish out to you guys: 14 virtual copies of the new WiiWare puzzle game Neves Plus, as well as some official tees from Akanai Games.

As you may remember, the original Neves was based off the popular Japanese game Hanayama’s Lucky Puzzle. You can check out the gameplay here (and is it just me or does it remind you just a tiny bit of Egyptian Dental Fair?), or you can just ignore all that and get on with the winning the free swag business. I know that’s what you’re here for!

To win one of these 14 swag packs, let’d do the haiku thing again. The only challenge is that it has to have an Egyptian theme. The contest will run through July 15th and is open to all countries. Please be aware I only have shirts in large and extra large sizes, so you may have to be creative with it if you’re skinny! Good luck!

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