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Resident Evil 4 might only exist in demo form right now, but that hasn’t stopped the indelible mod community from already bringing its own host of nightmarish characters to the infected villages of Europe. Case in point: This new mod from IvenXIII, which sees the worst animated character of all time, Shrek, battle to the death with special agent Leon S. Kennedy.

The mod, which is available for the PC version of the demo via hubworld Nexus Mods, sees the green menace replace the chainsaw-wielding Dr. Salvador, who comes barreling into Leon’s world as a seemingly unstoppable member of a homicidal clan of villagers. Shrek carrying a chainsaw, complete with DEAD EYES, may be one of the most unnerving images in Resident Evil history, to be sure.

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Shrek is not the only mod available for the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Demo, as other mod makers have already come up with replacement skins for Leon himself, including Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas star Carl “C.J.” Johnson, (by SERGIS2547), Uma Musume character Mihono Bourbon, (by ClownGodCG), and even a femme version of Leon themselves, (by wheezer123). Currently, there is no sign of a certain Tank Engine, but the grinning fool is practically guaranteed to make an appearance once the full game is released. It’s pretty much tradition at this point.

There are other gameplay mods available on the site, including one which never triggers the church bell, offering infinite time to take on the entire village. All the mods available from NexusMods will require the installation of Fluffy’sModManager. Obviously, read up and make sure that you know what you’re doing before you start prodding around in your registry folders and such.

Resident Evil 4, with or without Shrek, launches March 24 on PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms. The Chainsaw Demo is available to download now.

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