Will Hogwarts Legacy be available on Xbox Game Pass?

Hogwarts Legacy Xbox game pass

Is it too soon to expect Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox Game Pass?

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If you’ve been hoping to set off on some charming adventures in Hogwarts Legacy, anticipating the game’s imminent arrival on Xbox Game Pass, just as has been the case with many other AAA games recently, you might want to hold onto your hippogriffs, because the game isn’t likely going to get added to Xbox Game Pass’ growing library anytime soon. While it’s perfectly possible that Avalanche Software and WB Games may be in talks with Microsoft to have the game added at some point in the future, (or more likely, already have such a deal in place,) such details will likely not be made available to the general public until both sides are ready to make the formal announcement.

With Hogwarts Legacy continuing to rake in sales at the moment, it doesn’t seem highly likely that WB Games is going to rush to interfere with that in any way for the time being.

Hogwarts Legacy xbox game pass
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There might be a catch…

Should Hogwarts Legacy indeed be added to the Xbox Game Pass at some point in the future, players will likely only be able to access the base edition, without any of the additional content made exclusive to the digital deluxe edition.

WB Games will likely not be overly eager to give up the opportunity for players to spend money on the digital deluxe upgrade. However, without any sort of aforementioned formal announcement, players will just have to wait and see which way the winds turn.

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