How to complete the Gobs of Gobstones quest Hogwarts Legacy

“Gobs” = six

Early in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll gain access to the Gobs of Gobstones sidequest in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower: tasking you with returning Gobstone objects to a classmate. You can also finish this quest rather easily, as the game shows you the general direction of each stone. Here’s where to start the quest, and where to find each of the six Gobstones.

Start the Gobs of Gobstones quest with the NPC Zenobia Noke

When the Gobs of Gobstones quest shows up on the map in the Defense Against the Dark Arts Tower (pictured above), you’ll be able to take on this sidequest.

Speak to Zenobia Noke during the day while they are standing against the wall (sometimes they’re audibly asking for help). If it’s currently dark, you can swap the time of day manually, or “wait” right at the quest spot to instantly spawn Zenobia.

After talking to them, you’ll be asked to get all six missing Gobstones.

Gobstone Location 1: Outside near the Astronomy Wing

Luckily, pressing up on the direction pad will lead you to each stone, so you don’t need to hunt for them all without any help. Revelio (the revealing spell, triggered by left on the d-pad) can highlight Gobstones with a blue outline too.

The first one is very close to where Zenobia is, outside near the Astronomy Wing. Look up at the middle pillar to see the Gobstone up high (all of them are in high places). To grab Gobstones, you’ll want to use the spell Accio: a purple-shaded force spell that grabs objects from afar. Every Gobstone can be procured this way.

Gobstone Location 2: Up Ravenclaw Tower

The next Gobstone is located up Ravenclaw Tower.

Just got to the highest indoor point, and get the Gobstone from the chandelier.

Gobstone Location 3: Near the Divination Classroom

Another Gobstone can be found close to the Divination Classroom, up in the rafters.

You can get eye level with this stone up one level to see it more clearly.

Gobstone Location 4: Lower Ravenclaw Tower

The fourth Gobstone is located lower in Ravenclaw Tower. Head to the blue room pictured above and snatch it from a small column.

Gobstone Location 5: Outside the Trophy Room

The next two are the easiest to find, as they’re both on the Trophy Room floor, near Ravenclaw Tower.

Go up the stairs (more will be conjured for you as you ascend) and look outside of the Trophy room’s northeast end. A Gobstone is right there near the window.

Gobstone Location 6: Inside the Trophy Room

This time go directly inside of the Trophy Room, and look for the last Gobstone on the shelf.

That’s the last one!

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After you’ve got them all, return to Zenobia, where you started the quest

That’s it! After a short conversation with Zenobia, you’ll be able to go on your way and the quest will be completed.

It’ll serve as one finished “relationship” quest (among your fellow students), and you’ll get the violet Orbicular cosmetic as a reward.

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