Will Fire Emblem engage have a Wave 5 DLC?

The game is still fairly new

Fire Emblem Engage came out in January of 2023, and if you wanted more of it, you could get it with the inaugural (season) expansion pass. But with the fourth and final wave hitting in April, I don’t blame you if you felt like it was flying by in a flash. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the DLC we’ve seen so far, and what the future might hold.

At the moment, the only DLC Fire Emblem Engage has is one season pass with four waves

For $29.99, you’re buying into four waves of already-released DLC for Fire Emblem Engage: mostly consisting of character DLC and light skirmishes, with a new story scenario (Fell Xenologue) at the very end. Here’s a comprehensive look at everything you get in that season/expansion pass:

Wave 1
• Emblem character – Edelgard, Dimitri, and Claude
• Emblem character – Tiki
• In-game support items
• In-game accessories
• Silver card

Wave 2
• Emblem character – Hector
• Emblem character – Soren
• Emblem character – Camilla
• In-game support items
• New in-game accessories

Wave 3
• Emblem character – Veronica
• Emblem character – Chrom and Robin

Wave 4
• New story scenario – Fell Xenologue
• New characters, locations, and maps
• Added class types

The main draw here is the fourth wave, which is adding significantly more content than the prior three waves. I don’t necessarily think the $29.99 asking price is justified if you saw enough of Engage the first time, but folks who couldn’t get enough (or potentially even started another run immediately following their first clear) will get quite a bit out of the pass: both in terms of extra combinations of loadouts and builds, and raw content to play.

Is there more Fire Emblem Engage DLC planned?

Right now it doesn’t seem like there’s another expansion pass planned per se, but stranger things have happened. Nintendo rarely does multiple passes (and only for bigger marque titles like Smash Bros. Ultimate), as they typically slot in all of the applicable DLC in one pass (like Xenoblade Chronicles 3).

It’s entirely possible that Nintendo is working on another proper Fire Emblem Engage expansion, which could more drastically alter the game, or present a new storyline; all without being beholden to a season pass. Past Fire Emblem games have been known to get updates or DLC months after the initial release of a mainline entry, so there’s still hope.

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