Fire Emblem Engage: How to access the DLC expansion pass

You need to trigger a cutscene first

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Okay so you bought your shiny new Fire Emblem Engage DLC, and now it’s time to roll! Except there’s something you need to do first to unlock the Divine Paralogue islands: the aptly named DLC region where you can actually interact with the bulk of said DLC. Here’s how to uncover them and get the questline started.

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Where to find the DLC expansion pass items and ingredients

After logging into Fire Emblem Awakening, and in-game mail of sorts will pop up. That screen will confirmed that you’ve received your bonus items.

The Expansion Pass Bonus 1 contents are as follows:

  • x1 Seraph Robe
  • x1 Secret Book
  • x1 Dracoshield
  • x1 Energy Drop
  • x1 Speedwing
  • x1 Talisman
  • x1 Spirit Dust
  • x1 Goddess Icon
  • x1 Boots

Head to the Somniel, then walk up Lookout Island

After starting Chapter 7, you’ll unlock the ability to kick off the DLC micro-campaign.

The first step is going to the Somniel hub, then running or teleporting to Lookout Island. Walk up the hill and a cutscene will play. Your party members will summon and interact with the three titular leaders of the titular Fire Emblem: Three Houses factions, which will add them to the party in a supporting capacity.

Afterward, you can access the Divine Paralogue islands

Go to the world map and watch the small scene play out. You’ll be able to access the Divine Paralogue islands from the far west of the map from then on: which host DLC-specific missions and bonuses (each Divine Paralogue here will reap high quality rewards, including more support-related Emblem characters.

Note that although paths to each DLC Divine Paralogue will be created, they cannot be played until the DLC is out, and downloaded to your Switch.

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