WiiWare goes live! New Metroid Prime 3 preview available on Wii

Yes kids, you heard that right. This morning, if you’re not European of course, you should have noticed that your Wii is throbbing with a calming blue glow. If you investigate the source, you may be pleased to know that WiiWare has gone live with two Metroid Prime 3 preview videos for you to gawk and drool at over your cornflakes. As well as a normal trailer, you will also be able to watch a gameplay video of the upcoming FPS. Apparently, there will also be a channel where you can “scratch” to reveal a picture. Fun … I guess.

When I checked my own Wii, I noticed no blue glow and as such, have deduced that European customers are, once again, left out in the cold. Please let me know if any of my fellow Eurotrash can actually access WiiWare yet or if indeed we’ve gotten the shaft from Nintendo once more. Either way, you can check out a video of WiiWare running up above, which I got right here. Pew! Pew! Pew!

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