Wii to whoop up on PS3 and Xbox 360 for the foreseeable future?

It may seem that Michael Pachter has cornered the market, but at least one other analyst has carved out a piece of the pie and made some predictions concerning console sales for 2008. His name is Daniel Ernst (of Hudson Square Research), and his revelation calls for the Wii to outsell the Xbox 360 and the PS3 combined, this year. According to Daniel, momentum is everything — and Nintendo had no shortage of that in 2007. Citing sales figures for fiscal year 2008, and taking into account said momentum, Ernst feels that Nintendo is on track to sell 23 million Wiis — to Microsoft’s 11.2 million Xbox 360s, and Sony’s 12.5 million PS3s: 

“Microsoft got the jump on the industry with a one-year headstart, but nine months after its the launch, the Nintendo Wii overtook the Xbox 360 on a global basis. While the PS3, has struggled out of the gate, we note that since last fall, the console has been outselling the Xbox 360 in Europe, and in the first two months of this year has even outsold the Xbox 360 on its home turf, in the U.S. (In Japan, overtaking the Xbox 360 was almost immediate). With its strong slate of software scheduled for the coming year, we expect a material acceleration for the PS3 this year, but we believe the Wii will sell more than the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined this year.”

Not bad for a product that everyone on the Internet claims not to play. Just one question, though: Just how is this supposed to happen if all we ever hear about are Wii shortages? Last time I checked, you can’t sell a lot of what you don’t have. Does Nintendo have all their consoles holed up in some unmarked warehouse, just waiting to release them before the end of the next fiscal year, to fulfill the prophecy? I’m no analyst, but I just don’t see that happening.

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