Wii Sports is the greatest game of all time? Really?

I find it cute when British newspapers try and pass themselves off as having any knowledge about videogames, and here comes The Independent to continue the trend. Running a list of the top fifty videogames of all time, the UK paper named Wii Sports among the top of the league. That’s the best videogame ever made.

Here is their top five:

1 Wii sports
2 Braid
3 Halo 3
4 Fallout 3
5 Rockband

You will notice that none of those games were released before 2006, and one of them hasn’t even been released yet. A bit early to go calling Fallout 3 one of the top five games ever made, isn’t it? 

But Wii Sports, one of the best in all creation? Really? Granted, it’s an excellent novelty and was a terrific demonstration of what the Wii can do. In some ways, it’s still the best bit of software the Wii has and arguably the only reason many people even own a Wii — but it is, in my opinion, little more than a distraction with all the depth of a paddling pool. A great tech demo, certainly. Among the greatest games of all time? I disagree.  What about you? According to some experts in the field of The Independent and its supplements, the list of games are not ranked in particular order, suggesting that Wii Sports is just the first game they thought of. Nothing saying that the list is ranked or unranked. 

I also love the reply to this list that came from the Nintendo Europe forum it was posted in. It said: “What’s Braid?”

The sad thing is, most Wii owners reading the list are probably thinking the same thing.

James Stephanie Sterling