Wii sells 3.2 million in 2006; just misses 4 million promise

Nintendo fans have come out and voiced their pleasure as Nintendo announced today that they sold 3.2 million units worldwide of their new console, the Wii — just shy of the 4 million promised for the year. All the info:

Nintendo says it has sold 3.19 million Wii machines worldwide, 1.25 million in North America, 1.14 million in Japan and 800,000 in Europe.

Although this figure is shy of the promised 4 million sold by the end of 2006, company spokesperson Yasuhiro Minagaw said the target had been met because some of the units were going through distribution. However, stocks of Wii are still extremely hard to find. Minagaw said Nintendo would hits its 6 million target of Wiis shipped by March 31, with a further million units manufactured.

After all the uber Nintendo fans buy the Wii, will anyone else? 

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