Wii Play coming to US with pack-in remote

The lesser-known Wii minigame compilation Wii Play popped up on Nintendo’s list of first quarter releases, set for 1/15/07. The title’s impending release in the United States is a little late, but certainly welcome — really, Duck Hunt on the Wii? That’s worth $50 by itself. But wait, there’s more!

Those of you keeping track of Wii Play know that it’s set to come packaged with an additional remote in Europe and Japan. Though Nintendo’s release list said nothing specifically about the pack-in, online retailers are listing the game as including the extra remote, confirming what most have speculated.

So for those of you looking to beef up your remote inventory, you might want to hold off on that 4th until January 15th. A fine-lookin’ title packed with a brand new remote makes for a sweet deal.

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