Wii Music gets October 20 release date, will be sold out everywhere until 2010

October such a busy month for gaming. And now, it’s a busy month for making music … yay!

Nintendo has announced that Wii Music will be finding its way to stores on October 20. The game features more than 60 instruments, including everything from a guitar to a trumpet. And a dog that makes dog noises. Not only can you wave your arms around while holding the Wii Remote and nunchuck to make music, but the game will also support the balance board for the dropping of killer beats. 

Wii Music, of course, will be the ultimate music tool when it’s released next month. Prepare to not be able to actually walk into a store and buy one until sometime in 2010. After all, this is Nintendo (and the Wii) we’re talking about. 


Wii Sports™ introduced new players to the world of video games. Wii Fit™ got even more people interested in fun and fitness.

Now Wii Music™ builds on that inclusive legacy by letting people turn their living rooms into fun concert halls. It brings the experience of performing music to people who think learning an instrument is too difficult. Wii Music launches exclusively for the Wii™ console on Oct. 20 and aims to bring a deeper love and appreciation of music to everyone.

Players can improvise jams on the fly with more than 60 instruments. You will find rock favorites like the electric guitar; orchestra standards like trumpet, saxophone and clarinet; and even international instruments like steel drums, marimba and sitar. Players simply select their instruments, and then move their Wii Remote™ and Nunchuk™ controllers as though they were playing the real thing. Wii Music turns players’ movements into great music, even if you’ve never picked up an instrument before.

Budding musicians can play along to the beat of a diverse array of more than 50 songs from a variety of genres including popular, licensed, classical and Nintendo songs. Or players can improvise by adding new beats or creative twists to the songs. The combinations are endless, and it’s all for the joy of creating fun new tunes.

Once players have their song the way they like it, they can forward it to friends who are also playing Wii Music via the Wii Message Board. Those friends can then put their own spin on the tune and send it back – or pass it along to their friends.

Nick Chester