Wii Forecast and News Channel dated [Update 2]

So what if today’s Virtual Console releases bored our staff so much it actually put most of them to sleep? Which is why we didn’t bother reporting on it, like some other sites. In case you’re wondering, they were Space Harrier II, Ten–ZzZzZzZ …

According to Nintendo’s official Wii site, starting on December 20th, Wii users will actually be able to take advantage of the Weather Channel. Now they’ll know whether or not to put on pants before they leave the house. Which is an issue for some people, believe me. 

But it doesn’t stop there, because on January 27th the News Channel will be live. No word on when the Internet Channel hits, but if we’re dating things as far out as January and it’s still “Coming Soon,” it looks like we might waiting longer than we had anticipated.

[Update: It appears that the Wii Forecast channel has gone live in PAL regions. The rest of the world are encouraged to leave their house to see what the weather is like outside.]

[Update 2: The Forecast channel should be available in most regions now.]  

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