Wii Fit Body Check Channel keeps Japanese fatties in check

Really, why are all of these health products being made for the Japanese public? Look at your bodies, Japan. You don’t need this sh*t! Now look over here. Yeah. See that? Fat rolls everywhere!

This Wii Fit Body Check Channel program gives health instruction and sends Wii Fit data to health professionals. It also accepts data from the DS walking title Aruite Wakaru Seikatsu Rhythm DS. Japanese electronics giants NEC, Panasonic and Hitachi all have plans to do something with this tech in their massive lines of consumer products. For example, Panasonic’s system, Plissimo Sigusa, will be offered to health organizations and insurance companies in April.

Andriasang.com says that the goal is to use this Wii Fit Body Check Channel as a bridge between users and professionals. NEC’s system will be used to support employees and their families as sort of a mobile health check. 

While this sounds kind of silly to Americans, you can appreciate the effort behind this. It makes even more sense knowing that the Japanese government is trying to montior the waistlines of Japan’s workforce.

Dale North