Wii bends PS3 over, gives it firm and humiliating Japanese sales shafting

It seems that the MGS4 boost wasn’t enough to give Sony any perpetual sales momentum in Japan, as Nintendo has left the competition eating its dust. Nintendo’s little white waggle box is currently outselling the black box of Blu-ray 3:1, leaving the fight for first place in the Land of the Rising Sun more like holding a midget at arm’s length and, to quote Ricky Gervais, “steadily kicking him in the bollocks.”

That said, Sony can at least claim victory in the handheld market, as the PSP is still outselling the DS. This might have a tiny bit to do with the fact that everybody in Japan likely already owns the DS three times over. It’s a miracle Nintendo’s portable is still selling at all with the amount of people who currently own the thing. Maybe some gamers need one of every color. 

If numbers make you horny and erotic, you’re a pervert. However, we love you anyway, so here are the figures: In the sales period ending July 27, Nintendo sold 171,851 Wiis to Sony’s 54,823 PS3s. On the handheld flipside, 256,765 PSPs were shifted compared to 217,639 DS systems. 

And in an unnamed game store in Tokyo, it’s confirmed that one customer looked at an Xbox 360 for a few seconds. 

He did not buy it.

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