Why did Two Worlds suck so bad? Developer tries to explain

Two Worlds was horrible and I’m not about to pull any punches when talking about it. It’s one of a handful of games that I could not bear to play for more than half an hour, I simply couldn’t stand it. The framerate was a joke, the combat pathetic, the dialog not even good enough to be laughable and the overall experience somewhat akin to a molestation.

In an interview with OXM, developer Reality Pump attempted to justify its epic failure, claiming that it was their first console game and the team got overexcited:

Two Worlds was not only the first role-playing game we created as a company, but also our first console game, so we’ve learned a lot in the process. The main lesson we learned is to be more realistic with our goals. With the original idea, we were all so excited to be working on an RPG, that we tried to fit in every idea we had, even the ones that came late in the process.

Ultimately, this hurt the end product in that it had parts that were underdeveloped. With The Temptation, we clearly delineated the game’s components at the start, and we’re sticking to this target so the end result will be a more finely polished game.

If you don’t know what The Temptation is, it’s the sequel (formerly an expansion) to Two Worlds. Yes, Reality Pump is actually pursuing this IP, despite the laws of common sense screaming “abandon hope, all ye who enter here.” The team promises such innovations as — missions that aren’t boring and voice actors that are not the developers mumbling into a microphone.

I don’t know, maybe the sequel won’t be horrible, but when your list of new features all run along the central theme of “we promise it won’t be as f*cking awful as the first one,” you have a long way to go before proving you’re worth a second chance.

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