Why are you not able to level up in Lies of P?

There’s a max level during the prologue section. Weird.

Can't level up in Lies of P

Neowiz’s action RPG Lies of P likes to challenge your skills, and at one point in the game, you can’t level up. The game doesn’t explain why, and you have a tough boss to deal with to boot! There’s a reason why this occurs, however. Here’s why you can’t level up in Lies of P at this point of the game.

Stargazer in Lies of P
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I can’t level up in Lies of P; what’s going on?

Just before facing the Parade Master in Lies of P, something weird occurs. At a certain point, you can’t level up further with the Stargazer. It just says you can switch the Legion Arm and that’s it.

This is likely to block you from gaining levels and making the Parade Master easier to defeat. It is an odd decision from the developer NEOWIZ, but the boss is doable if you follow the right tips.

You can level up again once you reach Hotel Krat, which is the main hub for Pinocchio. He can spend his Ergo to level up his Vitality, Vigor, etc. with Sophia. You can also upgrade his weapons with Eugenie, and the receptionist robot Polendina acts as a vendor for minor items like a Fable Catalyst.

What else can you do to increase damage?

There are a few other ways to increase your damage other than leveling up, although they’re minor additions. There’s another vendor by the circus area of Cerasani Alley. He sells all three varieties of weapons (light, medium, and heavy) as well as the Electric Blitz Abrasive. The latter stacks electricity to your blade, adding more damage and a slight stun effect to your foes.

I’d recommend using the Greatsword of Fate Blade and Handle against the Parade Master. It’s slow but causes the most damage out of the three the vendor offers.

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