Whooo is Anabela? Friday Night on Dtoid Twitch gets a shirt


Earlier this year, we hosted a contest on the official Destructoid Twitch channel where several streamers battled it out to impress us with their skills and personalities to win $5,000. As of the time of writing, we’re currently hosting a second one, albeit with a more impressive $10,000 prize, sponsored by Gfuel!

Although she didn’t win the contest, we were so impressed with one of the entrants – Anabela – that we’ve hired her to stream on our channel every single Friday.

Well, we decided that we should work on a t-shirt design for Anabela. Behold, the latest design for our merch store:

Created by Ashley Hay, our latest Whoooo? design is available to buy right now on the official Destructoid merch store, and can be printed on t-shirts, tote bags, face masks, hoodies and all sorts of other products.

The design itself features an in-joke with Anabela’s community on her own Twitch channel, although it’s likely to make it over to our own one. Besides, the owl featured on the design is kind of adorable.

As always, most of the profits from each product on our store go to the artists who designed them. So feel free to check out all of the lovely stuff that we have for sale.

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