Whoa! Who is that blonde, dolphin-loving guy on GameTrailers TV tonight?

It’s me!

A couple weeks ago I shot a segment for the Spike VGA nomination special for GameTrailers TV and it is airing tonight (on Spike, midnight EST)! So, watch it! And also watch the actual VGAs on Sunday night. I am going to be there and will try my darndest to get on camera to promote Destructoid as much as possible. Who is that strange man with his head up Eliza Dushku’s dress yelling “Also, cocks!” and “amazing!”? Oh, it’s Chad!

As for how I did on tonight’s show? Er, I am a little nervous. The special was shot Best Week Ever style, with a bunch of different videogame industry people giving their opinions on the VGA nominees for Game of the Year. I went into the taping raring to go and ready to blow the crew away with my hilarious takes on everything. The only problem? NOTHING I SAID WAS HILARIOUS! Uh-oh. I blame it on nerves. And the fact that I had no pants on.

But you can watch the above compilation of deleted scenes from tonight’s show to get you excited about the main event. And, yes, I said the dog from Fable II is “intense.” God, I am such a tool.

Enjoy the show tonight at midnight! Woo hoo!

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