Who runs like that? Dude from Time Crisis: Razing Storm

Namco Bandai sent along word that arcade game Time Crisis: Razing Storm has gone gold, and will be coming to the PS3 with Guncon and PlayStation Move support when it is released on October 19th. Good news, I’d say, as I’m a whore for the arcade shooters, and I’m looking for even more to try out my new Move controllers on.

Now, Namco Bandai said that there were new assets for us to share with you, but when I looked to see what they had, the only new stuff was some art. And not even good art. The screenshots look great, but they’re older (from back at Gamescom). This art is just of a dude running. And really, who runs like that? Look at him. Why is he hunched over like that?

Razing Storm mixes the series’ shooting action with destructible environments. You’ll get the standard coin-op Arcade Mode, but there’s also a Story Mode, an eight-player Online Battle Mode, and a four-player offline Sentry Mode. And as a bonus, the game will include both Deadstorm Pirates and Time Crisis 4. Strange running art or not, I’ll definitely be picking this up.

Dale North