The Mighty Narwhal in Starfield
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Who is the Mysterious Captain in Starfield?

One of the great mysteries of space.

While playing through Starfield, you may run into the Mysterious Captain. This fellow space-farer will drop in to say hello, and you can have a brief conversation with her. It is mostly confusing, so if you want to know more about her, read on at your peril.

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Spoiler warning: You cannot learn more about the Mysterious Captain without it destroying important late-game reveals.

Who is the Mysterious Captain in Starfield?

The Mysterious Captain in Starfield
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The Mysterious Captain in Starfield can drop in on you while you are exploring the galaxy. They will appear right after you drop into a new system and will hail you. Don’t worry. They are not hostile and are just looking to have a somewhat odd conversation with you. The Mysterious Captain very clearly knows things that you don’t and seems to be encouraging you to stay safe and stay curious.

She talks about how she likes to sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else running around, and it just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Only after you reach the end of the game, make your way to the Unity, and get into New Game Plus will you find out that she is a Starborn, as you now are. You won’t be able to attack her in any meaningful sense, and she doesn’t appear to have dialogue options that can make her hostile, either.

After you meet her the second time, you will discover that she is no longer multiverse hopping and has instead set up as a trader. There is just too much violence in the life of a Starborn, and she is over it. She sells some incredibly high-level items, but it’s hard to say how random these are, or her appearances after you get into New Game Plus.

I suggest buying everything you can from here when she appears, whether you think you are going to need it or not. Also, make sure you exhaust all dialogue options with her each time you meet her. At the moment, I also have no idea how her story will advance in further iterations of New Game Plus.

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