Who is the main character in Hogwarts Legacy?

Main Character in Hogwarts Legacy

You’re a wizard, reader!

Hogwarts Legacy is a highly anticipated adaptation of the Harry Potter series taking place in the late 1800s. That would obviously mean you’re not playing as Harry Potter or Hermione Granger as their story takes place a century afterward. Instead, you create your own wizard within the legendary school known as Hogwarts. Here are all the details you should know about the main characters in Hogwarts Legacy. 

A brand new Wizarding World

Main character in Hogwarts Legacy
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The playable character you’re becoming is a fifth-year student, but they have not attended Hogwarts in the slightest. The reason why you’re a wizard or witch so late in the process is likely due to the ability to manipulate “powerful and ancient magic,” says the PlayStation State of Play trailer for Hogwarts Legacy. It is your mission to stop the antagonist Ranrok from destroying wizardkind and the world around them.

As this new and incredibly important main character in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll be sorted into whatever house is best for you, get accustomed to the Common Room, and then will be taking classes like Potions and Defense Against the Dark Arts. You can actually get started with the sorting process on Harry Potter Fan Club. Then, there will be multiple side quests, the chance to follow storylines with your favorite characters around Hogwarts, and the main storyline, in which you’re stopping Ranrok and his forces from getting the ancient magic he is looking for.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon?

Is Hogwarts Legacy Canon
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While the publisher WB Games has not outright said if Hogwarts Legacy is canon, it has confirmed that Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling did not contribute to the game. “This is not a new story from J.K. Rowling, however, we have collaborated closely with her team on all aspects of the game to ensure it remains in line with the magical experiences fans expect,” said the publisher in an official FAQ.

We also know that this game isn’t multiplayer, nor will it have microtransactions.

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