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Is Hogwarts Legacy multiplayer? Answered

There’s no multiplayer, and supposedly no microtransactions

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Hogwarts Legacy is kind of a weird project for how big it is. WB dumped a ton of info on it in 2022, and has mostly been silent since. A lot of important details can be tough to discern, so we created a quick explainer on the multiplayer and microtransaction situation.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have multiplayer?

Based on all of the current listings for the game (PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch), there is no multiplayer in Hogwarts Legacy.

In some ways, it feels like a big miss for families wanting to experience the game together, especially given that there’s a degree of avatar creation present in Hogwarts Legacy. But naturally, putting in a co-op foundation takes a lot of resources, whether it’s local or online-only. A lot of folks would likely rather eschew any sort of multiplayer component at all so long as the developers ensure the single player experience is sound.

Does Hogwarts Legacy have microtransactions?

As the game’s official Twitter account cleared up previously, there are allegedly “NO microtransactions in Hogwarts Legacy.”

There are pre-order bonuses, smaller DLCs, a PlayStation exclusive quest, and likely more DLC to follow. But at least you won’t have to deal with microtransactions (for the time being).

Is a WB Games account required to play Hogwarts Legacy?

Also no, allegedly!

Another great bit of news for folks who hate having to sign into launchers to boot up or even run a lot of games. The fact that it’s single player and doesn’t have microtransactions packed in likely helped contribute to this eventuality.

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