Which Titan is your favorite so far?

Your murder machine of choice

I’ve been playing the hell out of Titanfall 2 since release trying to get my thoughts together for my review. In my time with the game I’ve been experimenting with different kits, game modes, and abilities to get the feel for what the game has to offer. But, one thing that didn’t take me long to figure out was my favorite mech.

I want to be buried in my Ion. 

I know I should give the other Titans more of a chance. I like Ronin’s style, Tone seems like a wrecking ball, and the idea of raining justice down on my enemies as Northstar is certainly appealing, but I just can’t say no to lasers. Ion’s ability to erase pilots with a quick zap of its shoulder laser, control the battlefield with tripwires, and hurl missiles back at foes with the vortex shield is everything I want in a mech. Also, because I’m a huge MechWarrior nerd, I kind of like having an extra gauge to keep track of. 

But, I see a lot of pilots making the other Titans look good. So how bout you? Have you settled on a favorite Titan yet? Do you like burning things to the ground as Scorch, or mowing down troops with Legion? Or are you constantly trading out Titans like cheap rental cars, picking whatever mechanical monster works best at the moment?

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